Julie Vander Meulen


Julie Vander Meulen first got her Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and Literature, and then decided to continue her literary studies with a Double Master program in the same field. One focused mostly on sociolinguistics, while the other one was an interdisciplinary approach to North America. Wanting to research the links between literature and politics, she enrolled in two Masters which she believed could teach her much about politics: a complementary Master in European Studies, as well as one-year Master in Political Science. In the latter, she wrote a Master thesis on the potential of literature as a source for Political Science.

Her main research interests lie in the links to be made between literary studies and other disciplines, and more specifically in the insights to be drawn from studying art, culture, and literature together with politics.


2017 – présent: Assistante mi-temps au département de Sciences politiques de l’ULB

2015-2017 : Master (MA60) en Science Politique en Anglais à l’ULB

2015-2016 : Master de Spécialisation en Analyse interdisciplinaire de la construction européenne

Février 2015 -Mai 2015 : Stage Erasmus + à l’Université Aristote de Thessalonique dans le département de Langue et littérature Anglaise

2013-2015 : Double Master en Langues et Littératures Modernes, finalités Etudes Nord-Américaines et Contacts Linguistiques

2009-2013 : Bachelier en Langues et Littératures Modernes