Marie-Isabel Theuwis

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PhD Student

I am a PhD Candidate in Empirical Political Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen, under the co-supervision of dr. Kristof Jacobs and prof. dr. Carolien van Ham. In our VIDI project entitled ‘Democratic Innovations and Populism: For Better or Worse?’ we study the relationship between democratic innovations and populism. In my doctoral thesis I zoom in on the effects of participation in a democratic innovation on citizens’ populist attitudes. Through both quantitative as well as qualitative analyses I aim to understand to what extent and how participation in these innovative decision-making processes could affect citizens’ populist attitudes.


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Travaux sélectionnés

    •    Theuwis, M., & Kindt, R. (2022). Through the Looking Glass: The Effect of Participation  in a Participatory Budget on Citizens’ Populist Attitudes. Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance Working Paper Series, 2.
    •    Theuwis, M., van Ham, C., & Jacobs, K. (2021). A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Democratic Innovations on Citizens in Advanced Industrial Democracies. ConstDelib Working Paper Series, 15.