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Kim Eric Möric was born in Seoul and was trained in Law in Belgium at the Free University of Brussels (ULB). He has received doctoral degree of law from University of Luxemburg where he has focused on risks and rewards in PPP contracts regarding government deficit and debt under ESA 2010.

Kim Eric Möric is lecturer of Constitutional law at the Faculty of political sciences of the Free University of Brussels. He is lecturer of Urban and Construction law at the Civil Engineering School of the Free University of Brussels.

Kim Eric Möric is attorney-at-law and has experience in government procurements, in public private partnerships, and in ESA 2010 (government deficit).

Domaines d'intérêt

Kim Eric Möric’s academic interests include Constitutional Law, Urban and Construction Law, Public-Private Partnerships, Public procurements, Government deficit and debt regulations, and more generally building a culture of risks through better anticipation and mitigation.

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DROI-D2710 Droit Public

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