New Special Issue of The Politics of the Low Countries on the 2019 elections in Belgium

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The issue includes 3 papers from researchers at Cevipol:

- Emilie Van Haute, in collaboration with Ine Goovaerts, Anna Kern and Sofie Marien: «Drivers of Support for the Populist Radical Left and Populist Radical Right in Belgium. An Analysis of the VB and the PVDA-PTB Vote at the 2019 Elections»;

- Thomas Legein and Jean-Benoit Pilet, in collaboration with Lisa Van Dijk and Sofie Marien: «Voters of Populist Parties and Support for Reforms of Representative Democracy in Belgium. Belgian politics, democratic reforms, elections, populist voters, representative democracy»;

- Caroline Close and Emilie Van Haute: «'Emotions and Vote Choice. An Analysis of the 2019 Belgian Elections».