PhD Workshop : Visual content analysis 

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Workshop from 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM.

Workshop content In an era of increasing digitalization and the rapid rise of social media as a key tool in leaders’ political communication, the role of visuals and imagery should not be overlooked. In political campaigning, the role of images, memes, visuals can be powerful tools to attract voters and to convey political messages. Images are easy to understand and have the potential to appeal to a large audience and surpass language barriers. Importantly, images thrive well on social media outlets which are aimed at visual attention and online interactions based on images and movies, such as Instagram or TikTok. Notwithstanding their relevance in an increasingly digitalized world, the role of images and visuals have remained understudied in literature on political communication. Importantly, the study of visuals and images in political communication brings along specific methodological challenges. The aim of this 1-day workshop is to provide insight in the basics of visual content analysis applied to the study of political communication.




ULB-Campus du Solbosch Bâtiment S 12th floor, S12.234 (Rokkan Room)
44, Avenue Jeanne - 1050 Bruxelles

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