Learning schools for democracy? Young People, Politics and Civic Education

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22 November 2021, Brussels, Belgium

The relationship between young people and politics is allegedly under pressure. Young people are increasingly indifferent to politics, sceptical of politicians, and even less supportive of democratic institutions (Blais & Rubenson, 2013; Dalton, 2004; Foa & Mounk, 2016; Henn, Weinstein, & Forrest, 2005).
At the same time, youths have been more invested in political action that is less closely related to the electoral arena, including protest activities and political consumerism (Sloam, 2007). Scholars disagree whether these findings indicate the growing discontent of young people with democracy, or whether they simply indicate a shift in patterns of political participation among younger people (Ekman & Amnå, 2012).
Regardless of where the grains of truth lie, it is clear that young people’s engagement with formal politics is under pressure.


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