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Judicial (in)dependence: political, social and legal support and resistance(s) in Hungary, Poland and Romania (JUSTICE) is a research project founded by the FNRS in Belgium, coordinated by prof. Ramona Coman and Leonardo Puleo (post-doctoral researcher). The project analyses the gradual transformation of judicial institutions in Hungary, Poland and Romania with a focus on support and resistance(s) to the attempts of the three executives to shift their political regimes from the liberal democratic model by centralizing power and limiting judicial independence. The aim is to: 1). Analyse and explain the outcomes of institutional transformations in the three countries since 2010 onwards, with a focus on measures reducing the independence of the judiciary 2). Unpack the coalitions of actors that oppose or support such trends, by comparing their institutional and ideational power to generate/resist change. 3) Map and analyse networks between these actors and their activities to foster change or resistance. 4) Ultimately, the project seeks to provide ideational and institutional explanations that account for support and resistance to change both within institutions (e.g. courts; parliaments; executives) and across networks of different actors (political actors, judges, social actors/NGOs).