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The Belgian Online Probability Panel (BOPP) is an advanced data collection infrastructure based on an online probability-based panel co-owned by all Belgian universities and intended to facilitate, boost and integrate high-quality survey research in various scientific disciplines. BOPP will recruit a representative panel of approximately 4,000 citizens residing in Belgium (16y+) based on a probability sample drawn from the National Register. Panelist will take part in short surveys (15-20 minutes each) at regular intervals (6 to 10 times per year). The data collection has a mixed-mode design combining online questionnaires and paper-and-pencil self-administered questionnaires for the offline population. On the one hand, BOPP will field a yearly core questionnaire to longitudinally collect basic information among all panelists (e.g. economic situation, household composition, work, social and political attitudes, health, personality traits). These longitudinal data stemming from the core questionnaire will be available to all researchers. On the other hand, for the remaining questionnaire space, researchers from all scientific disciplines can apply to buy survey time slots. The infrastructure will apply an open data policy: All public use files will be archived and disseminated via the BOPP archive, as well as deposited with a repository.


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Promoteur : Jean-Benoit Pilet

Chercheurs : Robin Lebrun et Audrey Vandeleene